We'll replay our conversation with Anson Williams this weekend to commemorate National Drowsy Drivers Awareness Week

This week, the week of Nov. 6-10, is National Drowsy Driver Awareness Week.

Drowsy driving has supplanted drunk driving as a major cause of thousands of fatal car accidents around the world and billions of dollars in damages. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, approximately one out of every fatal car accidents in the U.S. are the result of drowsy driving, while in European nations, drowsy driving accounts for up to 30 percent of all car crashes.

You might recall that earlier this year, we had a chance to talk to Anson Williams, Potsie Weber on Happy Days, and an entrepreneur who has been recognized by the LAPD and the California Senate and Congress as an acknowledged expert on the subject of drowsy driving. Not only that, Anson recently developed a product called ALERT DROPS to combat the problem of drowsy driving. ALERT DROPS is a product that came to Anson indirectly through his uncle, Dr. Henry Heimlich, the man behind the Heimlich Manuever.

We'll replay our conversation with Anson Williams about the impact of drowsy driving as part of the Nov. 10-13 edition of TV CONFIDENTIAL. 

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