via getTV: Rarely seen Mac Davis variety special from 1977 featuring George Carlin will air Monday 3/27

Trailblazing comedy superstar George Carlin shines in a rare appearance on the 1977 special 
MAC DAVIS: SOUNDS LIKE HOME, airing as part of getTV’s Monday Night Variety Block on March 27 at 10pm ET. Reflecting on what ‘good times’ means to him, Carlin admits he loves “curling up with a good dictionary, checkin’ out those words.” Comparing words to humans, he notes that “Sometimes they mean what they say, sometimes they don’t,” before launching into a hilarious takedown of the English language and seemingly contradictory terms such as ‘paper clip’ (“They’re metal clips!”), ‘Civil War’ (“Can you imagine a war being civil?”), and ‘occasional irregularity’ (“What other kind of irregularity can there be?”), and many more. Other highlights include Carlin’s suggestions for updated terms (“I think ‘hernia’ oughtta be ‘his-nia!’”), and a skewering look at the airline industry creation ‘Deplane’ (“I’ve never de-boated, I’ve never de-bussed, I’ve never de-rickshawed; but, by God, I’ve deplaned!”).

Mac Davis: Sounds Like Home airs Monday 3/27 at 10pm ET, 7pm PT on getTV.

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