Upcoming Guests

Weekend of May 26-29

Donelle Dadigan, founder and president of The Hollywood Museum  

Randall Kenneth Jones, author of Show Me: Celebrities, Business Tycoons, Rock Stars, Journalists, Humanitarians, Attack Bunnies and More

Weekend of June 2-5

The Best of TV Confidential

Weekend of June 9-12

Actress, screenwriter and director Gabrielle Stone (It Happened Again One Night, Swell, The Competition)

Plus: Part 2 of our conversation with actor and author David Frankham (101 Dalmations, Master of the World, Return of the Fly, Which One Was David?) 

Weekend of June 16-19

George Schlatter, creator and producer of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In

Wes Gehring, author of Genre-Busting Dark Comedies of the 1970s  

Weekend of June 23-26 

Part 2 of our conversation with Mitchell Danton, author of Cutting It in Hollywood 



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