Upcoming Guests

Weekend of Mar. 31-Apr. 3

Budd Burton Moss, author of All I Got Was 10 Percent: What It's Like to Be a (Famous) Hollywood Agent and Hollywood: Sometimes the Reality is Better Than the Dream

Actress Kat Kramer (Child of the '70s)

Weekend of Apr. 7-Apr. 10

Author Adam-Michael James (The Bewitched Compendium)

Weekend of Apr. 14-Apr. 17

Former television director Ralph Senensky, author of the excellent blog Ralph's Cinema Trek

Weekend of Apr. 21-Apr. 24

Wes Gehring, author of Genre-Busting Dark Comedies of the 1970s

Weekend of Apr. 28-May 1

Part 2 of our conversation with Mitchell Danton, author of Cutting It in Hollywood







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