About the Crew

Ed Robertson (Host) is an award-winning, nationally known author, journalist and media analyst. His books on television include The Fugitive RecapturedThe Ethics of Star TrekMaverick: Legend of the West  and Thirty Years of The Rockford Files. Ed's articles on television appear in The New York Times, The Wave Magazine, Media Life Magazine and other media venues, including Columbia House, where he helped develop many titles for the popular subscription-based Columbia House Video Library. Ed is a regular guest on The Ronn Owens Program (KGO-AM, San Francisco) and The Gary Snyder Show (WBAT-AM, Marion, IN), and has appeared on such programs as Biography, Showbiz Today and Entertainment Tonight. Ed has also consulted on documentaries produced by NBC, The Biography Channel, E! Entertainment Television and Warner Bros. Home Video, while his comments on television appear in articles for MSNBC.com, USA Today, Forbes.com, E! Online, The Los Angeles Times and other publications.

Tony Figueroa (This Week in TV History) is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor and storyteller with extensive experience co-hosting and co-producing radio shows in Los Angeles. Tony’s blog, CHILD OF TELEVISION, is an example of life imitating art (he once wrote a sitcom pilot where the main character happened to write a syndicated column called “Child of Television”). Tony hosts and produces “This Week in TV History,” an engaging look at the people, places and events that continue to shape the television landscape. Tony’s segment is usually heard in the first hour of TV Confidential.

Donna Allen always knew that she wanted to act. Her professional credits include principal roles on the popular daytime dramas Days of Our Lives and General Hospital, as well as appearances on such prime time series as The Robert Guillaume Show. Donna also lends her voice to many animated characters, and has appeared in several television commercials. Theater credits include several LA productions (including readers and Radio Theater), and a season with Chicago’s famed Free Street Theater.

Phil Gries (The Sounds of Lost Television) is the founder and owner of Archival Television Audio, a peerless archive accredited by the Guinness World Book of Records as the largest resource on the Internet, and in the world, of audio for “lost” television programs. A director of photography since 1970, Phil has worked on more than 1,000 union and non-union projects, including features, industrials, advertising, and many Emmy-winning or Emmy-nominated documentaries. He also teaches media part-time at The Borough of Manhattan Community College. Phil's segment is usually heard every other week on TV Confidential.

Greg Ehrbar (DVD reports) is a two-time Grammy® nominated and Addy-winning writer. On staff with Disney for more than a quarter century, he has written for print, network TV and online. A recognized entertainment historian, Greg is the co-author of Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records (published by the University Press of Mississippi) and a contributor to the Official Disney Parks Blog and The Cartoon Music Book. Greg’s DVD reports are heard about twice a month on the program. Read his blog at MouseTracksOnline.com

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