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If you listen to TV CONFIDENTIAL, and like what you hear, please consider supporting our efforts by becoming a patron of our show through Patreon. How does Patreon work? Patrons agree to make a small donation to their favorite content creators every time they release new content. In exchange, we continue to provide new content while offering you rewards in return. In a way, it’s like giving a tip―plus it provides value for value. 

So if you liked this week’s guest, or learned something about your favorite show that you did not know before, or if you just enjoy listening to our show on your way to work, or while you’re working out in the gym or gardening in your backyard, please consider becoming a patron of our show for as little as a dollar a month. For just a dollar a month (or 25 cents a show), you will help us offset the costs of production, and continue to grow and improve the program.

If you can afford more than a dollar a month, you can donate at that level as well, and receive some cool rewards. For example:

By pledging $5 a month, you'll receive a coupon every month for the duration of your patronage that will allow you to download six (6) programs from the TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives storeabsolutely free.

By pledging $10 a month, you'll receive a special sneak preview of the guest interview that week before the show is broadcast. That will put you at the top of the list among all our listeners. This, in addition to the benefits from the $5/month level.

We also have commensurate rewards available at $25/month, $100/month and $150/month. Please visit for more information... and thank you for your support!


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