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Show No. 372: Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Death of Elvis Presley
Original Airdate: Aug. 11-14, 2017
First hour: Renowned Elvis Presley historian Cory Cooper joins Tony, Donna and Ed for a special edition of This Week in TV History that commemorates the 40th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley. Also in this hour: Sixties film historian Tom Lisanti (Talking Sixties Drive-In Movies) with a look at the evolution of the “Elvis movie,” particularly the many musicals that Elvis made for M-G-M between 1964 and 1967. Second hour: Actor and author Michael Dante (Winterhawk, Winterhawk’s Land, From Hollywood to Michael Dante Way) shares a few memories about working with Elvis in the 1962 movie Kid Galahad. Also in this hour: An encore presentation of our March 2016 conversation with Emmy Award-winning producer, director and author Steve Binder (Hullabaloo, The T.A.M.I. Show, Fade Up 26: The Movers and Shakers of Variety Television, Elvis: The 1968 Comeback Special). Steve takes us behind the scenes of the Elvis Comeback Special, including the backstory of its iconic closing number, “If I Can Dream.”

Show No. 371 with guests Aki Aleong and Jennifer Armstrong
Original Airdate: Aug. 4-7, 2017
First hourJennifer Armstrong, author of including Seinfeldia: How A Show About Nothing Changed Everything, talks to Ed about the direct line between Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm (the latter of which returns to HBO this fall), how the show’s ensemble cast contributed to its success, the show’s impact on NBC’s Must See TV lineup in the 1990s, and whether the network’s attempt to bring back the Must See TV brand this year will work. Seinfeldia is now available in paperback. Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen with a look back at the career of actor, writer and comedian Bill DanaSecond hour: Ed welcomes actor, singer, screenwriter and producer Aki Aleong (Babylon 5V: The SeriesFarewell to the KingMissing in Action, Part 3).

Show No. 370 with guest Michael Dante
Original Airdate: July 28-31, 2017
First hour: Tony, Donna and Ed pay tribute to Erin Moran, the actress best known as Joanie Cunningham on Happy DaysSecond hour: A return appearance by actor and author Michael Dante (WinterhawkStar Trek, The Legend of Custer, The Naked Kiss, From Hollywood to Michael Dante Way). Michael recently published Winterhawk’s Land, an original novella and sequel to Winterhawk that continues the story of this brave Native American warrior who fought for his people, even as the invasion of progress imposed itself on America. Topics include how Michael came to write the sequel, plus a few stories about his film and television work and his early career as a professional baseball player.

Michael Dante has several appearances coming up over the next few weeks, including the Star Trek Convention in Ticonderoga, NY. Also joining Michael that weekend will be Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Lee Meriwether, Charlie Brill, Barbara Luna and many others. Michael will also be inducted into the Fulton County Baseball and Sports Hall of Fame at Parkhurst Field in Gloversville, NY in August 2017. Then in September 2017, Michael will be one of the special guests at the Reel Cowboys 20th Anniversary of the Silver Spur Awards. That event will be held at the Sportsman Lodge in Studio City, CA. For more information on these and other events on Michael’s calendar, go to the Appearances page at MichaelDanteWay.com

Show No. 369 with guests Dawn Wells and Jerry Beck
Original Airdate: July 21-24, 2017
First hour: Ed welcomes renowned animation guru Jerry Beck, founder and editor of Cartoon Research and the author of more than fifteen books on animation history, including Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat, The 50 Greatest Cartoons, Pink Panther: The Ultimate Visual Guide and The Art of Dreamworks’ Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Jerry recently contributed an essay that appears in the companion booklet for Shout Select’s Blu-ray release of the six Pink Panther movies starring Peter Sellers. Also in this hour: This Week in History remembers variety show writer/producer Chris Bearde and actress Elena Verdugo. Second hour: Ed, Tony and Donna welcome back actress, author and producer Dawn Wells (Gilligan’s IslandWhat Would Mary Ann Do? A Guide to Life). Dawn has two new web series out right now — one of which, She’s Still on That Freakin Island, asks the question “What would what happen if MaryAnn were still on Gilligan’s Island today?” while her other series, Life Interrupted, is an award-winning ensemble show in which she plays the wise cracking mother-in-law of Mason Reese.

Dawn Wells will be appearing at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in Hunt Valley, MD on Sept. 15-17; The Com Erie Con in Erie, PA, on Sept. 22-24; and the Rainbows For Kids Charity Fundraiser in St. Louis, MO on Nov. 17, 2017. For more information on these and other events on Dawn’s calendar, go to DawnWells.com

Show No. 368 with guests Dee Wallace and Jonathan Goldsmith
Original Airdate: July 7-10, 2017
First hour: Ed welcomes Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor known around the world as The Most Interesting Man in the World. Though he patterned his delivery for The Most Interesting Man after his longtime friend Fernando Lamas, Jonathan brought more real world experience to the role than anyone could have imagined. His new memoir is entitled Stay Interesting: I Don't Always Tell Stories About My Life, But When I Do, They are True and Amazing. Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen pay tribute to the late Roger Moore as part of This Week in TV History. Plus: Highlights from Ed’s interview with Moore in March 1994 in which the actor discussed his experience as a contract player at Warner Bros. and playing cousin Beau Maverick on MaverickSecond hourA return visit by actress, author, teacher and radio host Dee Wallace (E.T.The HowlingThe Frighteners, CujoJust Add Magic). Dee has two movies coming out this year, Red Christmas and Charlie’s Gift—both of which challenged her as an actress, but in completely different ways. Also in this hour: Greg Ehrbar reviews Season One of The Good Place

Show No. 367 with guests Loren Bouchard and Joel Eisner 
Original Airdate: June 30-July 3, 2017
First hour: Tony, Donna and Ed remember the life and career of Adam West, the iconic actor known to three generations of television viewers as Batman (and, to fans of Family Guy, Mayor Adam West). The hour includes highlights from our interviews with actresses Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar. Second hour: Greg Ehrbar interviews writer/producer, composer and actor Loren Bouchard (Bob's BurgersDr. Katz, Professional TherapistHome MoviesThe Ricky Gervais Show). Bob's Burgers begins its seventh season this fall on Fox, while The Bob’s Burgers Music Album features the music from the first six seasons of the Emmy-winning prime time animated sitcom. Also in this hour: Ed welcomes Joel Eisner, author of The Official Batman Batbook.

Show No. 366 with guests Anson Williams and George Schlatter
Original Airdate: June 23-26, 2017
First hour: Ed welcomes Emmy Award winner George Schlatter, the creator and producer of Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and Real PeopleRowan & Martin’s Laugh-In: The Complete Series is available exclusively through TimeLife and includes a slew of new bonus features, including the pilot episode of Laugh-In; cast interviews; a collectible memory book filled with jokes, pictures from the show, and a note from George Schlatter; a free bonus DVD; and more. You can order it right now by going to TimeLife.com/LaughIn. Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen look at the broadcast history of The Lawrence Welk Show, while Greg Ehrbar reviews The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age SmackDownSecond hour: Ed welcomes back actor and entrepreneur Anson Williams (Happy Days). Anson’s latest product, Alert Drops, addresses the issue of drowsy driving—an ongoing problem not only in the United States, but around the world. Inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of Anson’s uncle, Dr. Henry Heimlich—the man behind the Heimlich Maneuver—Alert Drops is an all-natural spray that, when applied to the tongue, uses the citric acid of a lemon to stimulate the tongue’s sensory neurons. This will cause an immediate reflex action that will keep you awake, without caffeine or stimulants, in the event you find yourself nodding off while driving. (Available exclusively at AlertDrops.com, Alert Drops is not intended as a substitute for sleeping. Rather, it is intended to keep you alert long enough to pull over safely, so that you can rest when tired.)

Show No. 365 with guests Gabrielle Stone and David Frankham
Original Airdate: June 9-12, 2017
First hour: Part 2 of the conversation we began on our May 19 program with actor and author David Frankham (Return of the FlyMaster of the World101 DalmationsWhich One Was David?). Topics include David’s work in episodic television, the period when he was a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press, and his experience with the likes of Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Edward Mulhare, Paul Lukas, Jack Cassidy, Rita Hayworth and Barbara Stanwyck. David recently completed principal recording for a stop-motion animated puppet version of The House of The Seven Gables, while his audio commentary on Master of the World appears as part of The Vincent Price Collection III Blu-ray release from Shout! Factory. Jonathan Dixon co-hosts. Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen discuss the controversial ending of The Sopranos, which originally aired in 2007 during This Week in TV History. Second hour: Ed welcomes award-winning actress Gabrielle Stone. Gabrielle stars in, and recently made her directorial and screenwriting debut in, It Happened Again Last Night, a critically acclaimed short film that addresses the issue of domestic abuse in the United States. Later this year she’ll be appearing in Rock Paper Dead, a suspense film that also features Tatum O'Neal, Maureen McCormick, Luke Macfarlane, and Michael Madsen. Also in this hour: Greg Ehrbar reviews the DVD release of The Brady Kids.

Show No. 364 with guests Donelle Dadigan and Randall Kenneth Jones
Original Airdate: May 26-29, 2017
First hour: Ed welcomes Randall Kenneth Jones, author of Show Me: Celebrities, Business Tycoons, Rock Stars, Journalists, Humanitarians, Attack Bunnies and More, a new book that promotes creative thinking, positive communication, and innovation while dispelling the wisdom of such film, TV, sports, music and business icons as Shirley Jones, Erin Brockovich, Kathy Griffin, Magic Johnson, Colin Mochrie, Vanessa Williams, G.W. Bailey, Sonny Jurgensen, Pat Benatar and more than 100 others. Also in this hour: A look back at Johnny Carson’s final night as host of The Tonight ShowSecond hour: A return appearance by Donelle Dadigan, founder and president of The Hollywood MuseumThe Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will honor Donelle on Thursday, June 1 with the Distinguished Service Award in Memory of Johnny Grant, the pioneering radio and TV broadcaster who served as honorary Mayor of Hollywood for almost thirty years. Initiated by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce after Grant’s death in 2008, The Distinguished Service Award is not given out annually; Donelle is only the third person to receive this honor. Also in this hour: Greg Ehrbar reviews several recently released TV soundtracks now available on CD, including Jonny QuestAlice Through the Looking Glass, and Les Poupees.

Among the exhibits this summer at The Hollywood Museum is Jean Harlow: Hollywood's First Blond Bombshell, a tribute to the first of many leading ladies from the Golden Age of Hollywood that was discovered by Howard Hughes. Among the items on display are costumes from some of Harlow’s films, furniture and artifacts from some of her homes in L.A. (including her last home in Beverly Glen), Harlow’s one-of-a-kind 1932 dual phaeton four-door Packard convertible, a portrait of Jean Harlow that was commissioned by her mother after Harlow died in June 1937, and more. The Hollywood Museum is located at 1660 North Highland Ave., at Hollywood Blvd. in the Max Factor Building. For tickets and more information call 323 464-7776 or go to The Hollywood Museum.

Show No. 363 with guests David Frankham and Ralph Senensky
Original Airdate: May 19-22, 2017
First hour: Part 2 of the conversation we began on our May 5 program with prolific, eclectic television director Ralph Senensky, whose many credits include The WaltonsThe F.B.I., the original Star Trek and the original Twilight Zone. Topics include a discussion of “aesthetic distance,” a principle that Ralph first learned as a stage director at the Pasadena Playhouse. Also in this hour: Tony Figueroa and Donna Allen discuss the fallout from the controversial Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner that Pepsi pulled almost immediately after it was launched. Plus: A salute to Grammy Award winner Al Jarreau. Second hour: Actor and author David Frankham (Return of the FlyMaster of the World101 DalmationsWhich One Was David?) visits Ed in the studio. David recently completed principal recording for a stop-motion animated puppet version of The House of The Seven Gables, while his audio commentary on Master of the World is now available as part of The Vincent Price Collection III Blu-ray release from Shout! Factory. Actor Jonathan Dixon co-hosts the hour.

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